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Why consider Brand Analytics over Traffic (Part three)

Commonly held stereo type: Good traffic of a website signifies good revenue for the business. Traffic is often considered to be the ultimate performance indicator, which could be wrong. In the previous post we derived two separate hypotheses for both of our sample brands to investigate if indeed traffic analysis deserves to be the ultimate performance indicator of a brands performance. Allow us to brief up the formed hypotheses to those readers who haven’t been following this case study (See Part one and two).

First Hypothesis

Based on stronger traffic figures, MobileGyan.com should be generating comparatively higher revenue than ConnectMobiles.com.

Second Hypothesis

Based on the stronger Brand Score many would presume that ConnectMobiles.com generates greater revenue than MobileGyan.com.


Which one of the above two hypotheses is correct? We weren’t quite sure about the best way to approach the hypotheses derived while building the part two of this case study. But after a brainstorming session, we concluded.  “What else, other than the actual revenue figures, would serve as the perfect myth-busters?”  So we extracted the financial statement of earnings of both the businesses. Our findings, successfully busted one of the hypotheses.

Source: ConnectMobiles.com (info@connectmobiles.com) and MobileGyan.com (info@mobilgyan.com)

Source: ConnectMobiles.com (info@connectmobiles.com) and MobileGyan.com (info@mobilgyan.com)

From the above revealed revenue stream statistics it is clearly evident that, ConnectMobiles.com, despite having a lower traffic, enjoys greater revenue than Mobilegyan.com. This suggests that considering Brand Analytics or Brand Score as the ultimate performance indicator makes more practical sense. But we do reckon that a few questions would arise related to the above revenue generation streams for brands and the final result of the investigation.

What causes Brand Analytics to nail metrics parallel to the revenue streams of brands? And what influences some brands [ConnectMobiles.com] to have a better Brand Score than rival brands [Mobilegyan.com].

The source and interactivity of the traffic may matter. Your daily external web analytics statistics may have the answer. If the referrer analysis of both the brands is to be compared, it provides some answers to the above questions.

ConnectMobiles.com Referrers Analysis

ConnectMobiles.com Referrer Analysis (Monthly)

ConnectMobiles.com Referrer Analysis (Monthly)

Mobilegyan.com Referrers Analysis

MobileGyan.com Referrer Analysis (Monthly)

MobileGyan.com Referrer Analysis (Monthly)

Mobilegyan.com has a commendable lead over ConnectMobiles.com when it comes to traffic acquired via Search Engines, but needs to redistribute its efforts

Although both enjoy a heavy traffic via Search engines, there is a considerable distinctiveness in sources of traffic. Direct Entry (Visitors entering the site by directly entering the URL or domain name of the website), for example, which signifies that people are aware of a particular entity’s existence and wish to avail themselves with further or more services from the entity, is a very effective Brand Performance indicator. ConnectMobiles.com lavishly enjoys a good 20% of its traffic through Direct Entry as compared to 2.99% held by MobileGyan.com.

ConnectMobiles.com also appears to be involved in Email Marketing Programs as a part of its strategy which provides them a further source of distinctive as well as targeted consumer base.

The age of a Brand also matters. It is usually unanimously agreed upon that the age of a brand goes parallel with the level of trust consumers develop gradually and ultimately increasing the sales potential.


Although Traffic stats emit a load full of important marketing insights, they are not a data to relax peacefully with. Often relying on traffic stats resembles errors committed by some marketing managers who rely exclusively on sales data to predict their market strategy. The Australian Vine industry, is said to be in dire straits for the very reason (Branding Strategy Insider, 2009). We need more research centric data to execute important marketing decisions.

As we approach the end of this three part case study (See Part one and two) , what  needs to be extracted here is that no data can be important enough to be solely relied upon. In today’s complex market, we need further insights and quicker information that help us process business strategies at lightining speeds with greater transparency of the current as well as future market. More importantly these insights need to be based on credible factors.

On the Internet, analytics programs do the job for marketing data. Brand Analytics is one such marketing metrics that promises to provide well-aligned information based on other legitimate KPIs. Through the results of this case study, not only is it proved that Brand Analytics is a better reliable performance indicator than Traffic, but it is also expected to possess greater potential and importance in the upcoming Internet marketing horizon.

One Response to Why consider Brand Analytics over Traffic (Part three)

  1. Rajbir Reply

    August 12, 2009 at 8:57 am

    I have been waiting for the final edition of this case study for a while now.

    I had consulted Meheer a while ago to help me build my brand name. Little did I presume that he would go to this extent to help me understand my brand and branding mistakes.

    Though the comparitive analysis was absolutely logical, I am sure many other businesses would argue against the low profit organisation analysis put under the scanner from this case. From my point of view though, it was a case study that made us realise our marketing mishaps. Moreover, I am sure many larger brands can see lot of themselves in this case study either in form of ConnectMobiles or MobileGyan. Myself and my manager, are convinced and appreciate the results and efforts taken by Webalue.com.


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