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Branding Advice for ManagementParadise.com

Management Paradise Logo

Management Paradise Logo

What is ManagementParadise.com?

ManagementParadise.com is one of its kind startup that creates MBAs Online and boasts a member base of over 100 thousand members. The community educates aspirants, students or professionals alike and provides a new interface to management education. This startup has a CULT status in Bachelors of  Management Studies section and is said to have revolutionized management education in India.

Our Advices

1. ManagementParadise.com is currently using a paid community building CMS called V-Bulletin. This extremely efficient community software uses revolutionary advanced and intellectual programming to build a strong and efficient community based forum. Although it has suited ManagementParadise.com well since its inception, it is now time to switch to a customized layout to churn out a better user interface which will leverage on user interactivity. The current V-bulletin software does not suit the criteria for a huge management education community.  The attributes and features of the software, in spite of various available plugins, are more general than specific to educational community, which restricts targeted user interactions to a great extent. A better user interactivity set along with some uniquely  targeted features should turnaround the community and boost a greater value creation for its consumers.

2.1 We are concerned about the positioning strategy for ManagementParadise.com. It lacks a Brand Essence and Promise. A brand essence is a short three or maximum four word message (generally personizing the brand with a ‘quality’) describing what a particular brand is all about. A possible brand essence for ManagementParadise.com could be, ‘Ultimate Management Education Online’.

2.2 ManagementParadise.com should also have a slogan to make a brand promise. A Brand Promise needs to be carefully formed to make sure it appeals to the target market. A possible Brand Promise could be a message it has been already sharing for sometime now, ‘Everything that Touches Management Education is Our Kingdom.’

note: Brand Essence and Promise are closely related to each other. It is advisable to read more about them before jumping to conclusions.

2.3 The logo also concerns us a bit. The founders appear to have spent some cheap bucks on designing the Logo for ManagementParadise.com. Although the Logo, seems to have a targeted message, it is neither clear with its idea nor appearance. Logo’s are meant to be simplistic, clear, visible and more importantly communicable.

The logo has also been through a series of changes over the past couple of years. This is a perfect Branding mistake. An inconsistent logo does not allow users to get acquainted with the brand image of ManagementParadise.com and alienates the current consumer base by passing a inconsistent message across.

3. ManagementParadise.com also needs to protect its brand against imitations. This is a start-up which has managed to scale good heights and there are some obvious expected counterfeiters around who wouldn’t bother using the brand name to supply closely related information. It is hence advisable to book some misspelled domains (e.g managemntpradise.com) and other extensions (.org, .net, etc) for the brand name ‘Management Paradise’ and redirect all visitors entering such domains to ManagementParadise.com. This would also help acquiring lost consumers.

These and a few more privately specific advices are in-store for ManagementParadise.com. We are open and invite the management of this brand to express their views on our advices and discuss their Branding Strategies with us in person.

Please feel free to comment.


If you have a brand you’d like us to evaluate and are a member of Webalue.com, let us know the problems  (info [ a t] webalue.com) you face and we’ll study your brand to come up with our recommendations.

5 Responses to Branding Advice for ManagementParadise.com

  1. Vikram Chawla Reply

    August 13, 2009 at 2:36 am

    Thanks a lot for your inputs regarding the branding of managementparadise. We can certainly take your suggestions into consideration.

    Management paradise is already a strong brand within the bms community. Moreover it is the only forum with such a high number of memebers associated with it from all backgrounds.
    It provides a strong brand promise within the student community as they are very sure where to go when they have a problem regarding any subject. Moreover it is the students who have created management paradise the brand it is today irrespective of the efforts put in by the site menagement.

    As you have talked about the slogan, we had thought about the various catchy short liners for the community. But it is important to mention that we are diversifying to many streams of education like the recently statrted bmm section. For this the the current line i.e…
    Management students forum for MBA,BMS,MMS,BMM,BBA students and aspirants suits well.

    The caption suggested by you i.e, ULTIMATE MANAGEMENT EDUCATION ONLINE
    cannot cover the wide audience which we are aiming at. The general perception that might get suggested from the caption is that the site is only meant for bms and mba (management) students.

    Talking about the logo, the MP logo is like a warriors shield. It mainly is to give out the idea that we will be as shields for our students. The logo is quite clear in its meaning.

  2. Alicia Reply

    August 14, 2009 at 1:08 am


    Your comments are openly and whole-heartedly appreciated.

    Meheer figured out, he was probably not clear enough with the concepts, Brand Promise and Brand Essence, which probably led to a confusion. So he has posted a couple of articles explaining the two concepts with further clarity.

    1. http://communications.webalue.com/2009/8/13/what-is-brand-promise

    2. http://communications.webalue.com/2009/8/13/what-is-brand-essence

    You would notice that both are a part of an Internal Branding process as opposed to your ideas of them being slogans or taglines of a brand. Meheer has requested to be kindly excused for not making the concepts clear enough to be self explanatory earlier.

    The messages posted by him, in my opinion, were mere examples of how a Brand Essence or Promise should look like in general and not a recommendation.

    Nevertheless, the Webalue.com team is truly thankful to you and ManagementParadise.com team for coming out in the open and expressing your take on our suggestions about branding ManagementParadise.com. We hope our suggestions help you leverage your Brand’s performance.

    Happy Branding,

  3. ED ROACH Reply

    August 18, 2009 at 8:35 am

    My name is Ed Roach, my company – “The Branding Experts” helps companies position themselves to differeniate themselves from their competition.

    This is an interesting discussion. My take on brand essence and promise are simply “essence” is the personality of your brand and “promise” answers your customer’s question – “What’s in it for me.”
    Both of these brand elements are meant for internal consumption. No need for flashy slogans or catch phrases here.

    I would suggest that ManagementParadise must establish what they are the leader in, or what they are the best at? What can they offer than no one else is offering? Make a bold move and take a leadership role within your industry.

    I agree that your logo is lacking. I didn’t see it as a protective shield but more a traditional crest. The ‘M’ and ‘P’ in a feminine script does not symbolize protection. I also don’t understand this icon with the name. The scrolls at the top make the crest look like a trophy or worse two ears. I don’t get what the small blue sphere represents?

    If you have a young audience your logo misses I think as it looks too traditional and old already. Is your audience local or global? I’m guessing global, so you might want to consider something simpler and more graphic. (just a thought). Worse case – you keep the logo, then make your slogan refer to it, ie: Protecting Good Management Practices Globally or something to that effect. Protecting being the operative word.

    You sound as though you are building a resource brand of some note. It would be wise to position yourself as a leader and have a brand image to match.

  4. Meheer Reply

    August 19, 2009 at 12:59 am

    Thank you, Ed and Alicia.

    @ Ed – I am certained that Managementparadise.com team would be pleased to receive feedback and branding advice from a branding guru of your stature.

    @alicia – Thanks for the cover up. I would almost second your comment.

  5. Kartik Raichura Reply

    August 19, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Dear Meheer, Thank you for putting up this blog post. Its a rare case to get brand critique for free when companies spend thousands of dollars behind such research.

    Its a coincidence that most of the things we are working on are pointed out in the open by you. Its a good thing because we now know we are channelizing our efforts in the right direction.

    @ Ed, thanks for offering your point of view. Its an eye opener to know we thought of as a aggressive yet stylish icon was thought of as feminine and unrelated. While we could share our perspective on what the significance is of the trophy looking ears and the red and blue and the blue dot at the top, what I realize is it should all come to our audience logically and we need’nt have to explain it to them.

    @ Alicia, thanks for the elaboration :)

    As much as I’d like to disclose the new logo right away, lets wait until we officially unveil things and I’d appreciate your comments once again on the new look.

    Thank You !

    ManagementParadise.com .

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