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Building successful Brands on the Internet

BUilding Succesful Brands online

Building Succesful Brands online

Certain academic research suggests that 79 % of a website audience generally scan a webpage than read it (Holtz, 2000). People on most occasions look at super digestive text and images in a quest for information. This suggests that merely displaying information to market a product does not necessarily buzz the potential consumer on the Internet which calls for a new approach to presenting your Brand’s Information.

Note: Self realisation among decision-makers is an important factor here. Taking into account frequent consumer feedbacks should help in determining whether or not the company is indeed dependent on traditional methods of solely content based marketing.

So how do you build and pass on your brand values to consumers with an efficient approach. There are many ways, or innumerable to be honest. All it needs is Creativity and Industry acquaintance. Following what bigger competitors or Leaders in the industry do is not an advisable approach. It should rather be based on how increased consumer interaction could help in co-generating more value.

‘Interactivity’ may be your keyword here. Anon, in year 2000 indicated that only 22% of online transactions are successful, taking into account the increasing consumer dissatisfaction caused due to their inability to effectively communicate with sellers. Interactivity could be on-page or off-page. You could probably have an onsite chat sessions helping your consumers with information they need. Many web businesses have implemented this approach and are continuously benefitting. On the other hand, you could also resort to off-page interactions. Consumers, on several occasions learn and converse & review about your brands and services on third party websites. Brand managers must participate in such discussions which often result into ground breaking revelations.

Passing brand’s information and values, on non-moderated discussion forums that do not lend any control to your brand mangers serves as a stronger absorb in the minds of consumers, solely because the conversations held are community views and not company in other words, Word-of-mouth. Company managers may be sceptical in taking up such bold moves, but it is essential to get ready to face the forever changing industry trends on the Internet.

Anon (2000) “Communicate or lose those online shoppers” Marketing Week, 27 April, pp.66.
Holtz, S. (2000) “Writing for the wired world”. Marketing Week, 31 August, pp.13.

2 Responses to Building successful Brands on the Internet

  1. Simone Reply

    August 28, 2009 at 7:37 am

    Dear Meheer,

    I own a manufacturing company which is doing pretty well, but all this hype about E-Commerce has tempted me into taking my business online.

    Your research recommends interacting with my consumers actively on third party websites. My question is how do you propose , I accomplish that?? I mean, there could be any number of websites, where people might be discussing my product. How do I keep track of all those innumerable portals?

    Also in order to interact with so many people, I might have to hire more employees, dedicated for such a campaign. Do you think that all this money & time investment will benefit me in terms of revenue generation?

  2. Meheer Reply

    August 30, 2009 at 2:05 am

    Apologies for a delayed response, Simone. I will answer your query in two parts.

    1. Being new to the online environment, your business ought to have only a limited third party resource where your brand is being discussed. It should be easily manageable for you or your employees to occasionally participate in these discussions.

    2. Lets say you have too many discussions going on the internet. In such a case, you will need to manage your participation. Hire a dedicated employee for this job if you have less time. Ultimately it will be worth the investment. The perceived value of your brand will be on track for a start. Such investments may not help you directly in revenue generations but will surely play its part.

    Like I pointed out in the post, you may come accross certain drawbacks of your system, unknown errors committed by you, etc which will obviously help you correct and in the process improvise your service and offerings.

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