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Create videos for Employees to help them understand and sustain brand’s identity

A video advertisement goes a long way in clarifying and elaborating a Brand’s Identity to its target market. Innumerable companies resort to video advertisements to communicate their brand’s identity but a few consider creating videos as a part of an Internal Branding exercise.

We thought it is an innovative way to communicate brands identity better to the target market. The equation goes simple; the better the understanding of brand’s identity, more the efficiency of the organizational members to communicate it through. The marketing team of The Limited, a form with a dozen of retails brands like Victoria’s Secret, Express, Bath and Body Works, etc realized once that their people needed to develop a deeper understanding of the brand identity of their stores. Accordingly, for each brand a video was created that contained no dialogue, only music and a collage of visuals representing what the brand stands for. This video played a significant role in communicating the brands to those who must represented them.

In a similar way, it should be beneficial for you create a video for your employee and other operative stakeholders. The best thing about this internal branding practice would be that the implementation cost is less. The videos, for example could be a part of the start up process of every computer in your firm. This could ensure a majority of your employees being compulsorily exposed to the video.

6 Responses to Create videos for Employees to help them understand and sustain brand’s identity

  1. Sam Reply

    October 2, 2009 at 4:01 am

    Hi Meheer,
    This is Sam from ON, Canada. I run a 50+ workforce company, many of who are part of the team responsible for selling our products through outbound calls.

    I truly liked your inputs in this post. I was wondering though if it is advisable to communicate the brand promise in such a video. How do other companies communicate their Brand Promise to the employees?

  2. ED ROACH Reply

    October 2, 2009 at 6:36 am

    Sam, when I execute my branding process with companies, our end result is what we call a branding board, which is essentially the brand video in the story above, but displayed as a large 3X4 foot graphic board displaying all the brand elements INCLUDING the brand promise etc. This board is typically mounted on the boardroom wall for all to see. In developing the brand all stakeholders are involved (employees, customers and suppliers). So as you see can all stakeholders are privy to the brand message and other information.

    Since it my belief that your brand promise should be understood by all stakeholders, it will be easier to deliver that promise more effectively, I would post the (above branding video) online for all to see. Many times companies represent their brand promise in their slogans, like Domino’s Pizza – “30 minutes or it’s free!” Another good one is UPS, “When it absolutely has to get there overnight.” Two brand promises delivered to all.

    It may also interest you that in developing the brand we include in the branding team, a very important employee we label “the wrench.” This person is the employee, all the other employees look to for direction. They are typically opinionated and try and throw a monkey wrench into things. A negative influence. We get them on board to be part of the solution and key to delivering the resulting message to the employee pool.

    They are now advocates for the brand. With your situation I would try to incorporate the brand promise as part of the script of your outbound calls. Perhaps as part of the intro. This way not only is the employee reminded of ‘just why they are calling’ – the prospect is also made aware of your difference. This understanding by employees will give them ideas on HOW they themselves can help to deliver this message effectively. Given the chance employees love to help the company succeed.

  3. Sam Reply

    October 4, 2009 at 6:34 am

    Wow.. Thanks Ed. You sure have some knowledge and experience on Branding. Your answer Surely answered my query. But just raises another question altogether. Where and how to communicate the Brand essence?

  4. ED ROACH Reply

    October 5, 2009 at 7:39 am

    Sam, to me brand essence is the core of your brand. For us Mac loving people it is our deep connection to the brand. Harley people are much the same. It is your relationship with your audience. You communicate your essence in your everyday connection with customers (and all stake holders). Do you live up to your brand promise? How do you handle problems? Do you over-deliver? Brand essence is communicated in your actions. Think of brands that you admire and love. Why do you feel this way? Why are you willing to pay more, because you simply won’t accept what in your opinion second best just because it is cheaper.

    For all of us, we hope our brand essence is powerful among our audience. Even myself, I could deliver vague answers to your questions and try to lead you to hiring me, but that goes against how “I” do business. I believe part of my brand is to deliver and educate for free as part of how I market myself.

    So it is up to you to determine how you can wow your customers and leads!? How can you deliver that is absolutely different than your competition? A brand essence that delivers advocates is a brand that is not trapped in commodity hell.

  5. Meheer Reply

    October 5, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    @ SAM – though you managed to divert the concentration of the topic a bit, I hope you’ve got your doubts cleared out through Ed’s Comments. He is a Branding veteran with 25 years of experience working with SMEs.

    @ ED – Thanks for sharing your much appreciated knowledge. You are amazing.

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