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The Most Common Mistake Brand Managers make: Golden Rule

Today we are looking at addressing all those Brand Managers who have continually faced failure within their campaigns. This may have well been the greatest drawback of all your branding campaigns. How often, do we hear of million dollar campaigns gone wrong due to unseen and unaccounted for errors? We have ourselves, at Webalue.com Communications, regularly pointed out several real time examples of huge companies failing to effectively conclude their big-budget branding campaigns. Sometimes, thus, it is wiser to rely on credible veterans to answer the reasons of failures, rather than depending on our new generation instincts.

It is difficult to believe that the most common mistake Brand Managers commit is, ‘to lose the focus of their target market and consequently spending their campaign budget across so wide that they eventually cannot attract the individual or consumer effectively’.

The other day I was engaged in a very constructive discussion with Ed Burghard, a retired Harvey Proctor Marketer about Branding (Thanks to Ed Roach, who introduced me to Ed Burghard ). Ed is the CEO at The Burghard Group, LLC operating from Cincinnati and is also the Executive Director at Ohio Business Development Coalition. He has previously held positions at P & G designated as the Director of Marketing. Do visit his website, http://www.strengtheningbrandamerica.com to know more about him and his work.

We were specifically discussing some unique ideas to promote Brand Ohio and America, when he swiftly pointed out to me one of the most common mistakes committed by Brand Managers. He quoted, ‘just wanted to give you some insight into the balancing act brand managers need to master in order to successfully compete in the market.  Too often, they don’t say no to good ideas and spread their budget so thin across a number of tactics that collectively nothing is achieved.  The other thing they do is mistakenly assume that it is sufficient if some of their target is reached by a tactic.  In reality though, it is a game of individuals.  The overlap of individuals reached in the communication tactical plan is what matters most.  Focusing on creating this overlap is critically important.’

Ed has been exposed to quite a large number of brand managers throughout his career which makes his comments extremely credible.

Webalue.com’s Branding Panel Expert and Adviser, Ed Roach has similar ideas. Ed has 25 years of experience in branding, where he helps small businesses position their brands to showcase the differentiating factors. Visit Ed’s website at http://www.thebrandingexperts.ca, to know more about his services. According to Ed, ‘Individuals=stakeholders. Each “individuals” agenda should be accounted for and play into the overall success of the brand promise as much as it can be, given the assortment of personalities.’

The extraction of both these successful branding veterans suggest that brand managers often focus on too many channels to promote their brand during a campaign in the bid to reach a wider audience. In the interim of such campaigns the individuals meant to be reached are not effectively communicated with, resulting in a clueless failure. The insights of both these experts further clear the air, strengthening the importance of market research in Branding. Brand Managers cannot make a campaign successful without profiling the target market and then imposing the promotions and advertising to sustain the focus. Concluding, if you’re a Brand Manager or an Owner, make sure you address the most common mistake of ‘loosing focus of your Target Market before your campaign succumbs’.

4 Responses to The Most Common Mistake Brand Managers make: Golden Rule

  1. Rob Reply

    November 6, 2009 at 3:52 am

    Unbelievable amount of truth resides in your article, Meheer. This is one truth that haunts every brand campaign; and just like the Jungle Law, Only the fittest and the most focussed Survive.

  2. Craig Reply

    November 7, 2009 at 1:11 am

    IMO – Brand Managers are not at the liberty of making their decisions. Dominantly, a Brand Manager is overpowered by the Owner or CEO, in implementing campaigns leaving the former as a mere pawn drawing a hefty salary.

  3. Meheer Reply

    November 10, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    @ Rob – Thanks for the compliments Mate. Glad you found the truth residing.

    @Craig – If these are the large company’s Brand Managers you are referring to, I expect, the CEOs of these companies to be well aware of the above mistake.

    Small companies on the flip side, should read this article to get some extract of the contents. This article was meant to dominantly focussed towards Brand Managers and Owners.

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